How to self-tan your face for a flawless golden glow

Baby B. Browne tanning products are dermatologically tested for all skin types and safe to use on the face. When self-tanning the emphasis is very often placed on your body but the last thing you want is a pale face that doesn’t match your bronzed body.  Plus, by bronzing your face it means you can go easier on your foundation, giving you a more natural appearance in these summer months…what are you waiting for?


We do know however that so many of you are afraid of tanning you face for fear of streaks, but it is possible to get an even golden glow, provided you know what you are doing so we have put together out top tips for tanning your face:


  1. Just like tanning your body, preparation of your skin is the most important step you can take. You do not want to apply self-tanner to your face if you have dry patches as the product will end up clinging to the dry skin, giving an uneven appearance. Before tanning, using a gentle exfoliating scrub followed by a light moisturiser. Wait until the moisturiser has sunk into the skin before applying the product.
  2. You don’t want to be tanning your eyebrows or lips so make sure to apply an extra layer of moisturiser to these areas to create a protective barrier. You should also avoid the under-eyes if you have dark-circles, so again add a little extra moisturiser to the under-eye area.
  3. Apply self-tan to your face slowly and sparingly. Gradually build up the coverage, giving yourself time to see the results as it is easier to apply more than to remove it. Work the product into the skin in small circular lotions using the Baby b. Browne tanning mitt.
  4. The tan on your face will fade faster than your body due to more frequent face washing with strong facial washes and use of beauty products. If you want to maintain your results after a few days mix a few drops of Baby B. Browne self-tanning lotion with your favourite moisturiser and work into the face.



Tanning your face is simple if you take your time and build up an even coverage!


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